There are many job titles associated in the field of Information Technology. There are many areas of interest and many levels of expertise. All these required some common as well as some unique skills. As a fresher, they must have learnt these skills set before they appear to job interview. Adding these skills in job resumes will enable employers to make a match when reviewing resumes and cover letters. In this article, we see some of top skills required to be an IT professional.

Communication Skills

Communication is a most important skill required in IT. This skill is very essential to work in a team or a group and to have interaction with your team members and higher officials. Communication skill is not only about verbal skills, it includes the proficiency to read and write as well. Having this skill will make you more efficient at work by express your business ideas more clearly with your team, this help in team building and a good collaborative workflow. Having a good communication skill will improve your chances o landing a job.

Time Management Skills

This is another much needed skills that can have a big impact on your productivity and performance in your workplace. When you assigned with specific task, you should able to analyze the scope of work and predict the approximate time period to complete and more importantly you should complete it with in the specific time frame. Unless you have a good time management skill, you cannot do these both. With the task get completed effectively on time, lead to improve business reputation. This skill plays an important role in every aspect of work and life which allow individuals to accomplish more in less time.

Leadership Skills

Many people think that leadership skills are associated only to higher job titles like team leader, project manager etc.  but this skill can be applied in many circumstances to any situation. This skill incorporates many other important skills such as planning skills, organization skills, decision making skills, problem solving skills and many more. Leadership skills improve your ability to find new ways of doing things in an organization. Having a good leadership skill lead to have a good project management skill. This skill can be improved through certification courses like PMP certification in more professional way.

Coding Skills

Coding will be the most required skill in the field of Information and Technology. A small tech companies to a larger tech giant will be looking to hire people with excellent coding skills. While many more jobs will continue to be lost to automation, ultimately it is coders who control what is automated. Coding is used in almost every aspect in technology field. Learning programing languages like C, C sharp, Java, python, SQL etc. are always helpful anywhere.  Being a fresher, it is must to know the basic very well. Learning the machine language and understanding how to code for computers is most prized skilled in IT.