Searching the job in the competitive market is one of the huge task for the freshers and also for experienced one. The job vacancy is very less but the no of job applications is very high. Very few companies are conducting the campus interview and even they are selecting less number of candidates. They are filtering the candidates based on the educational qualification, skills and knowledge and performances in the interview. Do you know? Your resume will also plays a vital role at the time of recruitment and there is a good chance of your resume has been gathering virtual cobwebs.

Is it necessary to update the resume often? The resume will identify your skills and it helps you to keep update in this competitive field technically. Freshers must update the resume every week and the recruiter can able to filter your resume easily when they are in need. You don’t know when the job opportunity will arise so it’s mandatory to update the resume and we have to be ready to apply the job in all job hunting websites.

The internet now plays an integral role in job search for the employers and also it benefited the companies who can find the appropriate candidates as well. Specific job search sites such as Naukri, Monster allow you to build and post a resume in the searchable format. Your resume must speak about your skills and knowledge. To reach different heights in career path it’s mandatory to undergo some professional corporate training like Appium training and made that entry in your resume. Thus, increases your job presence in IT sector. There are dozens of different job sites and you can quickly feel inadequate and overwhelmed when faced with the challenge of which sites to utilize.

If you are looking for the job in Chennai then attend some training sessions like selenium training in Chennai, Cucumber training that depends on your job roles. Don’t try to copy the resume from your friends or colleagues and you can easily caught up by the recruiter at the interview day. Maybe you can easily lose the opportunities because of this malpractice. Also, try to put correct relevant information in the resume and you can also have a background check at the time of joining in the organization. Make sure you must have a profile in all Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and especially in LinkedIn.

The recruiters are even searching the candidates in the social media. LinkedIn is the most powerful social media nowadays and you can easily impress the recruiters through the profile and resume. Many HR administrator are spending much amount of money in LinkedIn for recruitment and they are picking the right candidates easily from the social media. Before uploading the resume in the job sites check your fonts because playful, unprofessional fonts are an eyesore. The recruiters must easily understand your resume and be aware of the goals which we mentioned in the resume.