In today’s world, everything has fallen under the tough competition and requires great efforts to achieve something. Same ways the educations has also become a competitive field where students need to work hard even for getting a quality education. In case you are preparing for the engineering competitive exams in India things becomes multiple times tougher. The toughest part of the preparation is to choose the right book for the preparation. If you are planning to submit MHT CET application form 2018, then here are the top book that you refer to, for the preparation.

However, there are number books available in the market and makes it quite difficult for the students to find the one. So, we have brought the top 5 books after deep research for MHT CET 2018 preparations.

  1. MHT-CET Engineering Entrance Exam Author: Editorial Compilation

The book is a great collection of study and practice material for students aiming to crack CET exam. The Arihant Publishers has gathered all the necessary topics and chapters at a single place in a format that will boost up the student’s confidence. The book contains the previous year’s solved papers from 2004 to 2015. The author has structured the book according to the exam’s syllabus and important topics need to be cover. There is number of mock test with the given time to solve it. The mock test series is very helpful and helps the students in speeding up the problem-solving process with more acute questions.

  1. Complete Reference Manual MHT-CET 2017 Mathematics

The book is ideal for the students preparing Maharashtra State Engineering Entrance Examination 2018. The book is designed with the aim to gear up the student’s preparation for the exam and help in getting selected for one of the best Maharashtra Engineering colleges. The publishers have divided the book in 18 containing all the mathematical chapters including Three Dimensional Geometry, Line, Plane, Linear Programming, Continuity, Differentiation, Application of Derivatives, Integration, Definite Integrals, Applications of Definite Integrals, Differential Equation and others. The book also offers the theoretical reasoning of the problems and chapters for students to understand deeply the concepts. Along with this it also has sample papers to practice prior the engineering exam to test the preparation.

  1. Marvel Chemistry for MHT-CET

One of the finest book that offers the best practice material for the MHT CET 2018. The book is the second revised edition of July 2016 with almost everything got covered. The book offers almost 6000 multiple choice question for the students to get themselves prepare for the exam. The multiple choice questions are divided into the different segment from beginner to hard level and also covers almost every question from last -7 years papers.

  1. Concepts of Physics – Vol. 1 by H.C. Verma:

HC Verma is one of the most renowned books for the physics subjects that every student preparing for engineering competitive exam should buy. The book is consist of all the detailed concepts of the physics included in the competitive exams. HC Verma is the book that can be helpful for the students even preparing for IIT-JEE.

  1. 24 Practice Sets MH CET 2018:

The book is specially designed for the students finding their way to crack the MHT CET 2018 and end up in the best engineering colleges of Maharashtra. The book contains 24 sets of the papers that have been crafted by considering all the previous papers. The mock test papers contain question that is added according to examination pattern and syllabus.