Biology is an interesting and vast subject which is all about the scientific terms, inventions, experiments, etc. Biology is a natural science which mainly deals with the study of nature, life, its principles and things all around us.

As mentioned earlier, it is a vast subject and requires lots of concentration to learn every single topic in biology. As per the student’s review, for few, it is very hard to score marks, despite studying hard while few toppers say, it is understandable and easy for students to fall in love with learning biology. It no more feels like rocket science if we understand the basic concepts before we move into the more complex ones. The techniques of studying biology are slightly different from other subjects.

Here are top 5 study techniques to master biology.

Preparing a proper study plan and Organize your study space

As there will be a lot of study materials and important points to cover, for which you need sufficient time. So firstly, you need to prepare a good timetable, equally allotted for all the topics with sufficient time. Secondly, select a good study atmosphere, in which you feel comfortable to study without any distractions.

Study effectively

Always start your preparations with lecturer’s materials or running notes. While preparing, try to underline or highlight all the important terms, dates and definitions. Make a practice of writing more than simply reading as biology demands a lot of memorization.

Have a positive outlook towards Biology

Biology can be quite complicated but it is also a very interesting subject. Never try to memorize the biological term blindly. Try to understand what you are studying about and explain it to yourself until you are perfect. For example: If you are studying the human circulatory system. Just imagine the model and how it works by drawing flowchart or a diagram. By this way, you can learn more confidently.

The Art of Memorization

As the course has loads of complicated and difficult terms to spell and pronounce. It can be split into simpler words and can be memorized easily. For instance Oligosaccharide. This term can be split into oligo (means little) and saccharide (means sugar).

Most of the terms used in biology subject are mainly derived either from the Latin or Greek languages. So by learning their meaning, helps in remembering the terms very easily. For example, the term Photosynthesis is derived from the Greek language – Photo – Light and Synthesis – putting together.

Practice more Diagrams

As we all know, biology is all about the diagrams, structures, and labelings. Students can remember the concept very easily by practicing the diagrams. Try to prepare the question along with its diagram. For example Human cell anatomy. For this type of question, students have to answer in detail about the Cells, its structure, and functions of every organelle of a cell. If possible, try to explain the different types of cells with a neat labelled diagram which may fetch full marks.

Hope these top 5 study techniques will be quite useful to master Biology. For more tips and guidance, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel or you can also join interesting student discussion forums to get involved in the various discussions and learn interesting concepts.