Anyone that decides to go to university to earn a degree naturally wants to try and get into a good job at the end of it all. This means a job that is not only secure, well paid, and exciting but that also offers good prospects and opportunities for advancement. Having a degree can help you to secure this type of job within the industry that interests you.

Of course, there are students who are studying for a degree but they still don’t have a clear idea of what they want to do with their lives. If this is the case, it is well worth looking at some of the top career options for graduates. These are careers that offer the chance of progression as well as good money. You can then look forward to an exciting career, a comfortable lifestyle, and more financial freedom where you can even get that student loan refinance bill paid off.

Some great career options for graduates

So, if you are keen to enjoy a rewarding, well-paid, and exciting career with plenty of room for advancement, here are some of the options:

  • Data Analyst: Careers in computing and IT are a great option, as they pay well and offer plenty of opportunities to move forward. The world of technology and IT is always growing and expanding, so working as a data analyst is definitely a great option if you have an interest in all things IT.
  • Plumbing: It may not be the career that all graduates want to get into but setting up on your own as a plumber can be very lucrative. Good plumbers are hard to come by, so you can enjoy getting a decent slice of the market if you can prove your skills and honesty. You can also enjoy being your own boss if you work on your own.
  • Social media expert: Young people these days are all about social media. Many companies are crying out for experts in this field because social media has become such as vital part of business operations. As such, you could earn a lot of money as a social media expert or specialist for a large corporation.
  • Business accountant: Working for an accountancy firm or a big corporation as an accountant could net you a good salary. You also have the chance to move into senior positions such as lead accountant. You can also provide services for individuals such as freelancers, which is something that is a growing market with more and more people deciding to go it alone.
  • Programmer: Another option for those interested in IT, you can earn a lot of money as a programmer. Businesses these days use a variety of programs in order to operate successfully. As technology continues to advance, programmers will continue to play a vital role in the world of business.

Of course, when you are deciding on which career to move into you need to take your interests and qualifications into consideration as well as salary and prospects.