The need for the Project management certificate is to make sure that all the managers out there make the best use of their managerial abilities and also discover some new ones that they never knew they had. The PMP certification has its own benefits and advantages. Regardless, the main focus that to enhance the skills and abilities of the potential managers out there and to make them the finest of managers in almost every possible field of working.  The PMP certificate is a necessary certificate as it allows and makes it easier for business firms to choose the managers and enhance the efficiency of their respective organizations.


No matter where you come from, no matter who you are and no matter what you want to do, the PMP expands its boundaries to every course imaginable. Wherever you are in the world, the PMP certification could potentially be in your possession;  Given, that you are in fact worthy of one.

It is a global certification for a number of reasons; One of them being to enhance the quality of human resource in every part of the world and to make sure the entire globe develops to its full potential and offers its best work.


The PMP holds countless advantages, not only for the person holding the certificate but also for the firm hiring the person. These two factors go hand in hand.

People who have earned their PMP certificate get advantages like an instant boost in their earnings, salary or wages. The chances of the person getting selected in the firm also double as the PMP certification is making sure that the manager works up to their full potential.

The advantages to the firm hiring the people with a PMP certificate is that ensures more quality work, more efficiency in the work of the firm and ultimately more profits for the business firm.

How to apply?

Go to the PMP website-

Make your profile.

Move to the ‘certification’ option

Click on the icon which says  “ready to apply”, you are now required to choose the 2nd option on the next page which is for the exam.

Once, you click on that option, you will be required to fill out an application form.

Once, you’ve finished applying and submitted the form, your status will change to “Under the review by PMI”

When you get the approval, you get a years time to prepare for the exam and pay the fees.

When the payment is made, the PMI gives you an option to schedule your test.

PMI has a “Prometric testing solutions” to conduct the exam.

You will be required to fill a code, the first 4 letters of your last name. You are now allowed to scan through test centers which are nearby to your location.

You will need to carry a photo ID that reflects your signature.

You can now take the exam, which has 200 multiple choice questions.

You can mark the answers you’re not sure about or not happy with.

Click on the “end exam” icon and you will be given your result.

So, get going and apply now!