With a large number of learned men passing across the intellectual space in India, it would not be wrong to state that this country is an extremely gifted land in terms of knowledge and learning. With the century old Nalanda- the internationally far-famed University in the state of Bihar, the growing necessity has now led to the emergence of universities and institutions such as Delhi University, JNU, IITs, IIMs, NIITs, All India Institute of Medical Sciences and the like. Whereas in the past, the high dignitary gurus would oversee the proper functioning of educational institutions, we now have exclusively assigned education ministers to keep up educational law and order in the country.

In simple words, education in India has drastically changed, and to a large extent, for the betterment. With an ardent interest to attain 100% literacy rate, so many Indian states so far have achieved the magic benchmark and are still raising the bar for providing higher education to all. If we discuss the Indian Education System, it can be divided in the given below stages:

  • Nursery education
  • Primary education
  • Higher Secondary
  • Senior Secondary
  • Graduation or degree level education
  • Post Graduation or masters level education

These different stages of education in the country, set by the Education Ministry, have always been highly instrumental in an individual’s intellectual growth. This way, to ensure consistency in the holistic development of an individual, the first twelve years of education have been made basic for all people. Graduation and Post Graduation entirely depend upon an individual’s academic inclination and interest.

The various spheres which are available for degree level students and/or post graduate scholars include engineering, technology, veterinary, polytechnic, teaching, medicine, law, agriculture, and many others. There was a time when choices and educational institutions were only a few to opt for, but in the contemporary times, the scenario has completely changed.

A large number of coaching institutions have come into existence to provide students with excellent platforms that hone their skills in different disciplines and streams. Advanced degrees like PhD are available in the Best Private University for PhD in India. The incredible vogue or frenzy of getting higher education is so much that a large number of private universities/institutions have attained government accreditation, so that the students can be red-hot assured of the reliability and authenticity of their degrees and certificates.

And, with the subsequent increase in demand and supply of professionally qualified people, the colleges/ institutions/ universities in India are also doing their best to make their mark in and to live up to the increased demands and supplies by promoting higher education in all extremes. Various non-profit associations in the country like Teach India from the reputed Times of India group have also come to the fore with so many nationwide teaching campaigns.

The stream of higher education which has fully revolutionized the Indian education system is engineering. Today, India has become home to the Best Private Engineering Universities in Asia where millions of students hailing not only from India, but also from across the globe are studying various disciplines of engineering. Students in these institutions are studying in varied streams ranging right from aero space to civil engineering.

The students who are willing to get higher education in India must go online for conducting a search to find the best college or university suitable as per their suitability for location, streams, facilities and many other things. While wandering in the cyberspace, you will very easily find the best educational institution to serve your purpose. In case you are not able to get admitted to a reputed government college, a plethora of choices of private colleges is also available to go for.