The major credit for a successful completion of a project goes to the corresponding project manager. They play a significant role in completing a project successfully within the time period and available resource. The most effective project manager knows the capabilities of their resources and design the working process in efficient manner. This mean they can allocate the right work to the right people by analyzing their strength.

Knowing the strength and weakness of the team members is must to allocate the correct task to them. Using the wrong resource on a task can lead to delayed completion or task failure. The roles and responsibly undertaken by project manager is very crucial as he is the captain of ship who track all elements and guiding in right direction.  They should have rapid sifting abilities to know what to note down and what to ignore. They observe and evaluate the project priories often. To do these, manager need to invest their time in the role.

Management is all about how you influence your team members to get committed   and achieve the objectives. To influence and motivate team members, it is must to take time to listen you team, find out their issues, gather knowledge and ideas, identify potential strengths and weakness, this is important to bring bonding with the team and establishing their respect and trust as being a project manager.

Project Manager must possess Leadership skill in business employment. It is the process of inspiring and motivating employees to achieve a common goal. Once the team is set up, it is must to keep the communication survive to build professional relationship. How you communicate to your team can dictate your eventual success.  This lead to get more engagement from team in their activities. A successful leader will have the ability to build team with positive approach and assigning responsibility to complete their task effectively. If you want your team members to work together, have them work for something together.

Project Manager should have Team-building ability for integrating people coming from different department with different background to work together. When a team member done something exception, rewarding them will make them feel good and motivated, this show the rest of team to work well. It will also make your employees feel appreciated and acknowledged. Being project manager is a challenging job but rewarding as well, leading your team to work well and deliver results.

It inevitably seems that project managers have a considerable impact on projects and a key role in achieving project success. Whether a small or big project, a project manager is must in take in charge of all activates related to project and increase productivity. To become a successful project manager and to enhance their skills, many young and experienced project manager take on courses like PMP certification Chennai to keep them updated to current management techniques. Taking this kind of certification program improve individual growth as well as company’s growth