Ellen Starr toronto couples counselling will suggest that you focus on just three things instead of throwing energy in every aspect of your relationship with your partner. Because these three tips can strengthen and nurture your marriage over the years and through everything that affects you individually and together. There are some small simple tips that can make a huge, significant change in your marriage.

1) Remember that romance “happens” outside the home
Not that you cannot be charming, lovely and kind to her while you both spend your time at home. But those moments at home will not be what keeps the spark in your marriage. Spend time with friends, discover new places and people, experience new things together or individually – it will make romance between you bloom, no matter how long you’ve been together.
The reason is that the events and experiences outside the home are the new ones you bring into the puzzle. They are refreshing and prevent the danger of becoming both familiar and common to each other.

2) Be a gentleman in conflicts
Happy couples argue. In fact, some of them are often rebuked and still have a lot of passion in their relationship. What they do differently from the couples that experience problems is that they do not let their conflicts escalate. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 meaning out of control), they never allow misunderstanding to escalate over 7. There is a limit that never crosses. So, you can argue with your wife, but always remember that she is your favorite.

3) Never forget what is her greatest need
Most men think that women need romance more than anything else. But they are wrong. And although you will surely want to be romantic to her, it will not be enough to fulfill her greatest need, which is to feel safe. When the wife feels secure, she is able to trust her husband.
Never let the circumstances “eat” from her sense of security in her relationship with you! Find out what she needs so she can feel safe and do so to give it to her.

If you do these three things you will find that you have a woman who is dedicated to you till the end of your life.

A proper behavior can bring a lot of chances in your marriage. But if you are keeping score and trying to win all the time, your marriage will experience a disaster. Your partner is not someone that you need to compete with, your partner is your friend, support and someone who will always be there to help you when you need it.

Next time you start a conflict with your partner, be careful what you say or do. At the end, be the bigger person and remember what your wife/ husband really means to you. Do not hurt them or anyone around you.

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