If you have a sleepless night ahead and you want to make it as productive as possible, here are some useful tips for an effective all-nighter.

What to Do if you Have to Pull an All-Nighter?

It`s 3 a.m. and yet you have just read only half of required paragraphs for that exam in the morning? Sounds familiar? Practically all students are no strangers to situations like staying up all night preparing for exams, finishing your project or meeting the deadline of an important essay you have totally forgotten about. If you can`t avoid it, at least some useful tips how to pull an all-nighter effectively will help you out. Seriously? Have some rest at night and keep https://crazyessay.com/write-my-essay in case of emergency.

Nectar of the Gods (aka Coffee)

First things first. We know you are already trying your best to reach out for the seventh (tenth, fifteenth) cup of coffee on your desk. But you would like to hold your horses here. It is well known that coffee gives you that energy boost you are so eager to get. Caffeine does affect the part of your brain which is responsible for concentration and productivity.

However, drinking coffee while staying awake all night long requires some scientific basis. You can make no mistakes here. Our bodies tend to develop a certain level of tolerance towards caffeine, so you should cut off all energy boosting beverages at least 24 hours before sleepless night. Some studies even showed that going the whole week without coffee will give you an even better feeling of liveliness.

But who can live throughout the whole week without a single cup of coffee, huh? You can conduct this experiment though.


While your brain is working on the edge of its capacities trying to memorize all numbers and definitions for the exam or struggling to come up with a catchy title for your essay, it`s natural that your body would love to indulge itself with some snacks.

Put down the phone and stop ordering pizza immediately! Studies have shown that fatty foods slow down your attention and even make you sleepy. Why so? While eating food rich in carbs, serotonin is being released into your brain. This hormone can make you feel rather yawny and we don`t want that.

Protein is your friend here. Consumption of meat, eggs, dairy products slowly releases small amounts of energy into your organism, making you stay awake longer. What is more, it`s recommended that you stay away from carbs the day before that tiresome night as well.

Don`t Miss out on Your Push-Ups

It`s incredibly hard for our brain to stay fully concentrated on a certain task for too long. Neuroscientists suggest that we can be completely engaged with something for no more than 40 minutes. So, switching from one task to another from time to time is the best way to go while pulling an all-nighter.

Do those push-ups, pull-ups, and dips you were always too busy (or lazy) to do. Or a simple 20- minute walk will do the trick too. Blood pumping in your arteries will help the brain get more oxygen, which is an undoubtedly essential substance for your intellectual capacity.

Don`t exhaust yourself with too intensive workout session though, you are going to need all that energy your body stores to pull off the sleepless night.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

No, there is no need to practice your vocal abilities in order to pull an all-nighter, just take a nap. Don`t forget to set up the alarm clock first though!

Doctors suggest having a short shut-eye before the studying session is way more effective than in the middle of one. Going the whole night without sleep is quite challenging for the organism and it will never thank you for it. But 40-minute repose will help you trick the body and get a certain level of wakefulness.

We all know that sometimes naps can make us moody, hipped and after some ZZZs we wake up even more tired and sluggish. The secret to effective nap is time. No more than 40 minute – and you`ll be alright.

It`s all about a sleep cycle. The key here is to wake up before the deep sleep phase unless you want to feel disoriented and downcast.

I`ll Be There for You-u-u-u-u…

Psychologists recommend having some people over while pulling an all-nighter. When you are preparing for the exam, there is a 99% chance that you are not alone with your pain. Having company to share this experience with can be very helpful. It will keep all of you motivated and concentrated.

This way nobody is going to fall asleep or get distracted constantly. However, studies have shown that effectiveness of this method may vary from person to person. It largely depends on whether you are an extrovert or an introvert.

If you are among those people who prefer staying in with a good movie than going out for parties, it may be easier for you to keep up to your solitude while studying all night long. Simple interactions with people are feeding on introvert`s inner energy and it`s important to stay in your best mental shape while being without your usual ZZZs.

A Bonus Special Tip from Military (Top Secret, Don`t Tell Anybody)

It may sound strange or even weird, but the deadline of your paper on international economics is expiring next morning. So you basically have no choice but to listen to this advice.

Make yourself as uncomfortable as possible. Being in pain is helpful as well. Put yourself in unusual conditions and that will make the brain change the pattern of its thinking. Just in case, please don`t hurt yourself while doing this.

Parents, teachers, doctors say that pulling an all-nighter is good neither for your academic success nor for your health. Yes, we all are well aware of it, but we still do it. The research shows that students who study all night before the exam perform worse than those who had a deep solid shut-eye. However, it`s just a part of students` life and there is practically no way to avoid it.