Writing and publishing the book is an art.  A book is like an AD and it can use it for your personal branding. When you published the book as an author there is a chance of increasing your credibility and visibility score. The books will stay permanent in your home and it enhance your reading skills also it will help us to improve our language skills efficiently.

Publishing the books will help the avid reader who are always looking for the new concepts and series in all journals. Once the reader discovers you as an author they will love your books and you can gain more profits through some avid readers. Growing the fan base in this field is very important to taste the success in business.

In traditional method it’s very difficult to publish the book. We have to search the editor, publisher for completing the entire process. Even we need to spend money for typewriter to complete the book in short period of time. So, the printing business like book printing in sivakasi, book binding in sivakasi has started earning more profits since there was no internet at that stage.

Impact of technology will affect the business slightly since the entire world is changed into digital marketing. The role of business will get changes due to impact of technology and also, they introduced lot of digital machines for printing and binding. There are so many new techniques has been introduced in publishing the book. There are so many mediums available in the market and you can able to target the customer easily with your business.

The social media plays a major role in publishing the book. Everyone is active in all social media with the help of smartphones. So, it’s very easy to attract the readers with your books and you will get faster exposure than traditional methods. The cost is also less compared to traditional methods. The major disadvantage in publishing through social media is traffic. Nowadays everyone promotes their business through social media so the competition is very high and the people get bored with lot of things.

Catch up your audiences with some attractive unique ideas and find your people who are looking for the publishers. Not only Facebook there are many interesting social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. Publishing a book provides an opportunity to master important new tools for mind mapping, project management, and time management. Writing and publishing experience will help you develop healthy work habits, such as breaking large projects into small, bite-sized tasks.

Publishing the books in social media helps you to create better marketing unique content to promote your business. Your life changes when you publish a book in your hand with your name on the title. One of the main drawbacks of publishing on your own is not having the benefit of an editorial team at your back. Also we have to spend lots of money in publishing for more profits in future.