Going to the UK for a study abroad program is a great way for students who don’t know another language to receive many of the benefits from studying in another country. The fact that you don’t need to keep up with learning in a whole new language opens up more possibilities to expand your horizons—you can explore different subject matter while learning new customs in an international setting. Here’s a look at why studying in the UK is something you should consider.

It’s Easy to Get Around

Should you opt to attend a London summer school for instance, or another program in the city, getting around is a breeze. Tube stations and bus stops are everywhere and you won’t need a car to explore all this UK hub has to offer. Should you study outside of London, most UK cities were designed with pedestrians in mind, making it easy to walk around and find great places to eat, museums and more, all without spending much money.

Additionally, staying in the UK makes it easy to take weekend trips to the rest of Europe. Hop on a quick flight to check out nearby countries like Spain, France and more—and for the budget-conscious, there are plenty of discounts available for student travelers.

You Can Take Any Class You Want

Limited understanding of a language means you may have to focus on learning that language or taking classes that you don’t fully comprehend. Taking classes in English means, you’ll easily be able to build upon what you’ve studied back home or learn something new. Another thing worth mentioning is, the UK and US have long been arranging study abroad programs with one another, making transfer credits a breeze at most colleges.

You May Be Able to Work or Intern

While visa requirements will need to be in order, if you’re heading across the pond for an extended period of study, you may want to look into an internship or part-time job. The lack of a language barrier will make it easier to pick up some shifts at a local establishment, as you’ll only need to be clued into the requirements of the job and not some major cultural differences.

You’ll Get a High-Quality Education

A UK education is generally recognized worldwide by all manner of governments and employers. You’ll also have a relatively easy time transferring credits between your UK program and your school in the US. And should you decide to stay in the UK for the full university experience, you’re sure to enjoy a variety of job prospects or opportunities for further education.


The UK is Diverse

As a major global destination, the UK brings together people of all different backgrounds in a cultural melting pot that features an exciting lineup of different languages, cuisines, and cultural institutions. Plus, this diversity makes the country a welcome destination for international students sure to appreciate the multicultural society.