The clashing of ideas, beliefs, and territories has led to some of the greatest conflicts in history. Knowing the causes of conflict and how to resolve them, and an ability to encourage good relations, can make you a master at peace and conflict resolution. It may seem like some people are born with these traits. However, they can be learned and a conflict resolution major can position you as a leader in resolving conflict between countries and individuals.

Are You Prepared for Choosing a College Major in Conflict Resolution?

If you enjoy lectures in and out of class, it is a good major for you. Guest speakers with skills and experience in conflict resolution can enlighten you with their insights. A knack for philosophical thinking is another reason to choose this major. You will go deep into the philosophical ideas of Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and many other historical peacemakers.

Conflict resolution is a good major if you want to be front and center. If you’re not shy about speaking in front of an audience, it is an opportunity. Majors in this field regularly engage in group projects and present speeches based on their studies and philosophical understandings and ideas. You should choose conflict resolution as a major if you are immediately prepared to learn and develop peacemaking skills. You’ll demonstrate these skills through role playing, even taking on the role of a mock U.N. delegate.

Major in Conflict Resolution If You Want to Solve Problems

You should choose this major if you want a rewarding career. It may be in the government working out conflicts between nations, or you may work to resolve any conflict between two or more people. Quite a bit of time is spent resolving workplace conflicts in companies. You can be the one to settle disputes that save time and money, and keep projects and employees going despite differences that can get in the way.

Whether it is a corporate office, home, or school, the people work in teams. Any work that involves multiple individuals is bound to lead to conflict, and a new strategy is often needed to get things on track and let everyone continue pursuing their goals. If you want to be the one to mediate conflicts between people in these settings, a conflict resolution major is right for you.

Even in a home setting, conflicts can have repercussions. Disputes between married individuals can affect children in many ways, from their social development to performance in school. Without a remedy, they can develop low self-esteem and have memory and problem-solving issues later. Therefore, ACU’s conflict resolution degree can give you the chance to change many lives, even if you apply your skills to being a guidance counselor or therapist.

If you want to set a precedent or be a positive influence on the mental health of other people, a conflict resolution major can give you that power. Majors in this area are becoming popular at New York University and other schools. College can be the best time if you have the right skills and temperament.