Even though some people still prefer attending classes in brick and mortar institutions, more and more people are adapting to the technological changes by adopting the use of online learning resources to gain their degrees. Most online courses are affordable compared to traveling for study, and the quality of education is the same. There are numerous study groups and communities and in some cases tutors.

Through the internet, you can also get the best high school tutoring if you missed out or if your child needs a little help with their studies.

Here are some of the best education sites offering free education, other than YouTube:

  1. Khan Academy

This online site partners with many post-secondary schools to offer in-depth courses for different subjects. Khan Academy is easily usable, and it makes it easier for your learning goals.

  1. Coursera

This website, through partnerships with several universities plus organizations around the world, brings together resources on different topics into one easy to search database. It is one of the most powerful online tools for free study. It also features information from top trusts and museums, other than universities. There are many topics from different groups making for the best learning experiences.

  1. Udemy

Udemy offers many courses, and it works almost like Coursera though it goes a mile further and allows its users to build their custom courses from the lessons offered.

  1. EdX

This is a great option for free online education. Through edX, you can access courses from different institutions. The site has an impressive design which is easy to use, and it possesses high-quality information for just about everyone. The unique feature of edX is the fact that it covers a unique range of topics most of which are easily applicable.

  1. Open Culture Online Courses

If you are looking for the right information needed for your course study, then Open Culture has a free list of most, if not all online educational material. It highlights about a thousand lectures, podcasts, and videos from universities around the world.

It comes highly recommended because it features information available on most private education sites and you can browse through the different categories easily. You don’t have to visit the different universities to access their educational material. You can get learning materials from Australia, England, the US, and Wales.

  1. Stanford Online

This is your education hub for courses offered by Stanford University. Stanford online offers you session-based and self-paced courses. You can access Stanford courses from other web hosts, but most courses are easily accessible via your web browser. A few are accessible using iTunes.

  1. Harvard Extension

If you have been dreaming about learning at Harvard, this is your opportunity. Harvard Extension offers a wide range of free online courses, but the courses are from Harvard University alone. It is, however, the best source of top-notch education material. You can search for courses by picking a professional certificate.

Other online sources include Academic Earth, Alison, Open Yale Courses, UC Berkeley Class Central, MIT OpenCourse Ware, Code, Code Academy, TED-Ed, FunBrain and National Geographic Kids.