If you enjoy travel, pay parks, mingling with people, or writing food reviews such as Chef Kanida Chey, the hospitality industry may be a good fit for you. You probably know someone who wants to work in the industry, or you may be considering entering it. The shifts can be long and tiring, but you will hardly find someone in the field who hates their job! Here are some reasons why a career in this field is great.


You may not associate the industry with creativity. However, it is not only people-oriented, but also creative. You are creating something – food, drink, or an experience. There are always new ways of making experiences more enjoyable for customers.

You make people’s day

In the industry, you can take various jobs – you can be a concierge, a chef, a porter working behind the scenes, or even managing a business. Your business is all about people. It is not about spreadsheets, but about making people happy.

Flexible working hours

If you do not mind getting up at the same time every morning and having the same routine every day, then this industry probably is not for you. It has great amounts of variety, not just in terms of working hours, but also the work you do during those hours.

You can take early responsibility

If you work hard to improve your skills and qualifications, and get on with both customers and colleagues, very soon you will find yourself in a senior position managing projects and people.

It opens doors for you

Almost every country in the world has vibrant hospitality industries, and the skills you learn are easily transferrable. This means a career in hospitality can be a route to discovering new countries, cuisines, cultures and people.

No need to be stuck

There is enormous scope within the hospitality field that there is no need for you to feel stuck in one niche. Where else would you get a variety of jobs within the same industry?

Great benefits

If you are working in an office then you probably do not go out much farther than dismal parties with cheap drinks and dire music. In hospitality, things are different – you help your customers enjoy themselves, so there is no reason you cannot have the same fun with your colleagues in the form of employee rewards. Rubbing shoulders with celebrities and gourmet meals are some of the advantages those in these jobs can enjoy.

Clearly defined route into the industry

There is a clear set of hospitality qualifications accepted across the field. This means that many places can train you to achieve these qualifications.

Secure employment

Even in shaky economic climates like recession, people still need food to eat and a place to sleep, so your job in the industry is still secure.

Great working atmosphere

In any workplace you are in, there will be colleagues you do not get along with, and some may be unfriendly to you. The good news is, almost everyone who works in hospitality is very friendly. Companies rarely hire rude employees, which is why this field will contain some of the friendliest, vibrant and fun people you will work with.

Final thoughts

The world of hospitality and tourism extends beyond what the everyday consumer sees, and the opportunities for your career development are unlimited.