Technology has broadened our knowledge about several things. It has helped us to think and work better. It helped mankind to perform several tasks that are not done or tried before. Biotechnology is one such field of study that uses technology on living organisms and plants too for various scientific and commercial purposes. It is a complex subject that encompasses several areas of biology.

You should have an affinity towards biology for attending this course from the various biotech colleges in Uttar Pradesh. The course normally can be done in either three or four years, depending on the type of your degree. The three-year course is basically a bachelor degree in science while the four-year course is an engineering degree as in B.Tech. Choose the course according to your feasibility.

You will learn various topics during your course that most likely come under the following categories:

  • Blue Biotechnology—It deals with the processing of aquatic organisms and their environment.
  • White Biotechnology—Commonly known as Industrial Biotechnology used in the industrial process.
  • Green Biotechnology—It deals with the agricultural sector e.g. medication of plants genome and creation of new breeds.
  • Red Biotechnology—Used in the manufacturing of drugs and medication through Biotechnology.
  • Bioinformatics—The process of using data in accordance with Biotechnology is known as Bioinformatics.

The number of educational institutes providing this course is increasing quite rapidly. They make false promises of providing quality education with excellent placement. Most of the time, these are false advertisements to lure students. You need to understand the fact that this course is designed for giving you only the basic of Biotechnology. It’s a vast field that requires higher study. Placements should never be on your mind while applying for the biotech courses in Uttar Pradesh.

The course is created for students who take research seriously. You will need to study for many years to become a good biotechnology expert. Your educational institutes should have quality faculty. Don’t worry about your future, you will be earning handsomely. You will meet some of the brightest scientists in India and abroad and gain immense knowledge. You can also settle in foreign countries after doing research on this subject. The course does require a lot of patience and your time; however, the possibilities are endless if done with full conviction and dedication.

The famous biotech colleges in Uttar Pradesh have managed to make their mark. They are constantly improving their infrastructure and facilities. Most of them have built with residential campus for its students. The libraries are getting better with collection keep getting bigger. Biotechnology is designed to fulfill your biology and engineering desire alike. Just think about it, you will learn about various engineering tools and techniques in addition to getting a firm knowledge about various animal organisms.

The course is perfect for any student inclined towards research. If you can take the long route and don’t want to end up like other students then do inquire and apply for the various biotech courses in Uttar Pradesh.