Engineering has been in trend for as long as we all can remember, but this trend is now declining due the fact that every year a huge amounts of students pass out with their engineering degrees, but most of them are not placed.

Many are not even able to get any kind of jobs let alone campus placements. One of the reasons behind this is that students are unaware of the latest engineering jobs in the industry. They can opt for a career in Bosch, Siemens, Wipro and many other leading companies that recruit Engineering graduates.

Everyone is trying to fetch the old-fashioned jobs, which are already saturated with engineers, but the main reason behind this is the declining quality of education and especially engineering. Due to its growing popularity, you can find an engineering college in almost every city of the country, but most of them do not even train their students for the industry.So, it is very difficult nowadays to land a job in this sector.

Most probably, these are the things you have been hearing about engineering. While pointing out the drawbacks of engineering, people often forget how great an engineer can actually be and how engineering will never be out of fashion. So, in this post, we will discuss 5 reasons you should opt for a career in engineering:

  1. Financial Security: Out of all the professions out there, engineering graduates receive the highest starting package.
  2. Motivation: You will always be motivated and never be bored of your jobs because the world is run by engineers and you feel that you are contributing to the society every single day of work
  3. It Trains You for the Real Life Challenges: If you like challenges, engineering is definitely the perfect job for you. When you graduate and enter the industry, you face real life challenges every day or in some cases every hour.
  4. Developing the Nation and the World: Engineers are the main reasons for the progress of a country or even the world. Most of the modern day inventions are done by engineers. Whether it is designing new software, new machines or new cars, engineers do it all.
  5. Interest-Based Jobs: If you like to build stuff, you can go for mechanical engineering; if you like cars, you can go for automobile engineering; if you have an interest in computer and applications, you can go for computer engineering. Similarly, if you have interest in chemistry, you can go ahead with chemical engineering. Long story short, you can choose your stream and jobs according to your interests, whatever they may be.

It is true that engineers have to face difficulty to fetch jobs in today’s competitive world, but it is also true that if you are an expert in your field it will be a piece of cake for you to land a job and the companies will run after you to hire you – that is the power of an engineer.